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Amplified Health Now

Take Charge of Your Health &

Build a Purposeful Life

I’m Sandra Miller

Transformation Coach & Nutritional Therapist


Amplified Health – What does that mean to you?

What would it be like to build a lasting foundation for longevity and craft your personal blueprint for optimal physical & emotional health?

Amplified Health NOW was designed to help you leverage simple solutions and practices that build healthy habits fast.

Using my methods you truly can amplify your health NOW. 

By optimizing food choices, meal timing, biorhythms, and mindset…your health improves quickly.

Use one of my simple self-study options.

Get control of your health & become your own personal master. 

If you are ready to take charge and start building a life you will love, let’s get started.

Goal Setting & Creating Healthy Habits on your timeframe!

 Are you ready to create healthy habits that stick?  How would it feel to stop procrastination and reclaim health or productivity?  Self-study courses fit simply into your daily life.  Short audio or video lessons are great work-at-your pace option

Does this sound like you? Click the button below.


Does support and accountability help you to stay motivated?   Have you tried to make lifestyle changes but, they just don't stick? 1:1 coaching is your solution. While groups and courses are great, most people want to be held accountable to someone.

If this is you - See the coaching packages and meet our coaches.


Imaging having the Self-Regulation to manage thoughts and feelings  and learn to develop what I call "personal mastery.  With support and resources, anyone can manage stress, anxiety, and limiting beliefs.

Feel more in control and ready to take on any goal.   Click below to schedule a discover session with Sandra or consult with Gavin Ashley and the Belief Reset Method.

Subtle Energy Conscious Marketplace

Imagine enhancing your health with

Subtle Energy  solutions for body, mind, & spirit.  Enjoy the best solutions to relieve stress, calm your nervous system , protect against dirty electricity (EMF) and, increase your life force!

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Transformation Life Coaching/Lifestyle Coaching| Sandra Miller

Self-development is much easier to attain today.  Coaches are as close as your phone and computer.  Join Sandra for her LIVE "ASK A HEALTH COACH"  call Via ZOOM.

  Dates and times for February are below. Just click at the appropriate date and time to join.  You must download the ZOOM app prior to joining me.

NEXT CALLS:    Saturday March 27th at NOON EST.  JOIN HERE 

March 27th begins the "Becoming Timeless" Anti-Aging Formula for Enhanced Longevity.  I will do a weekly LIVE call to help you STEP- BY-STEP and week by week.  Together, we will implement your longevity strategy blueprint.

It truly is TRANSFORMATION - ON YOUR TIME- Contact Sandra HERE.

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Gavin D. Ashley| Belief Reset Method

Do you want to erase limiting beliefs and move quickly beyond your emotional boundaries?   Get a complimentary consult and first session or... 

Learn how the brain detox method ===>  Contact Gavin HERE.

Do you want to experience Gavin's work with no commitment?  Join us  LIVE VIA ZOOM. See the schedule below and join us for a group clearing and personal experience session.

MARCH CALLS:    Wednesdays

March  10 & 24 at 7:30 PM EST.  JOIN HERE       |   REPLAY FOR MARCH 10th CLICK HERE

Contact Gavin HERE - 



Energy clearing schedule

Transformation on YOUR Schedule!

Amplified Health NOW has options to get you quickly on the road to successful habit change.


My methods are simple and improve the quality of life for every person who commits to them. So many people benefit from having a coach. I know I did.


The beauty of today’s technology is that your coach is now as close as your phone or computer.


If you are not sure if a coach would benefit you, I offer a complimentary 30-minute session to help you figure that out.


Even the most high profile celebrities and athletes all have coaches.


I would love to be part of your transformation.


You can add personal coaching to any self-study course.



Courses:  Choose Self-Study or Fully Supported Programs.

 These are some of the courses at the UNLEASH THE AWESOME WITHIN ACADEMY.

Don’t wait any longer. If you started LAST year – you would be there NOW.

Mindfulness Mediation SELF-STUDY

Do you have trouble staying focused? Are you having trouble with meditation? Mindfulness is simple and may be practiced anywhere, anytime.

Mindfulness techniques you will learn help you stay focused, calm and productive and can alleviate stress.

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Mindfulness Mediation SELF-STUDY


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F.U.E.L.E.D. Metabolism Reset - Coached

My FUELED  program kicks fat burning into high gear. Next 7 week workshop begins TBD  

Optimize your fat-loss hormones by cycling your calories and providing your body the element of surprise

Calories in = calories out is a myth. Use the program trusted by fitness and wellness professionals alike.

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Do you want to control hunger and cravings? Does your metabolism need a reset? 

You will be guided through the reset method to optimize fat-loss, reduce inflammation, enhance cognition, and find your most amplified health NOW!


#circadianrhythms #lightdietreset

                                #fatloss                                  $97

F.U.E.L.E.D Metabolism Reset - COACHED

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Personal Coaching A'La Carte!

When you purchase ANY self-study course, your can add a 30 - day coaching package for only $297!

Make the most of your personal development.


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My Transformation

 For over 25 years I suffered from depression and autoimmunity. Symptoms from fibromyalgia and insulin resistance left me tired, hungry, and in pain.

By developing some simple skills, and with implementation of some specialized training, I experienced amazing transformation.

 Experience a truly integrative approach to body, mind, and spirit.  Become the master of  your INNER world, so you can be a master of your destiny.

Authenticity FIRST – Know WHO you are and what you stand for.  

Define your purpose as it will set you free.

Speak your truth and honor those who speak theirs.

Learn to let go.


”  I used to think I did not need a coach and did not want to spend the money.  When my health turn a bad turn rather quickly, I knew I needed help. I thought I was doing all the right things. 

The changes Sandra helped me make were really instrumental to getting my health back.  The most important part of this work was the mindset part.

  You have to know why you want to be well and never lose sight of why you started.” – Elaine



“I have tried to lose weight on other programs before.  I never stick to anything and end up gaining the weight  back quickly. 

I knew I was missing something.  Once I began following the Light-Diet Reset Method, I lost my hunger and cravings rather quickly. I used to skip breakfast because I was not hungry in the morning.

I built some new habits and really look forward to mornings.” – Jess

“I found Sandra Miller at a time when I really need support to stay focused. I used to procrastinate about everything!

As a business owner, you have to stay focused and on task and I was paralyzed by self-doubt. I love the C.A.N.D.O method because I was able to learn why I acted the way I did.

Mostly out of fear of failing. I can use this strategy for everything in my life and feel so much more resilient.”  – Angela


Biorhythm Reset for Metabolic Health

Biorhythm Reset for Metabolic Health

Biorhythms (circadian rhythms) are the chronobiology of time and your internal biological clocks. These rhythms pertain to physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle.  Chronobiology is the study of circadian rhythms (biorhythms) and...

Reset Circadian Rhythms | Light-Diet Reset

Reset Circadian Rhythms | Light-Diet Reset

Reset your circadian rhythms - your body's internal clock, and watch your health improve. These 24-hour cycles are pretty hardwired in human biology and very sensitive to outside influence. The study of circadian rhythms and your body is called "Chronobiology." Two...

Mitochondria & Unleashing Limitless Energy

Mitochondria & Unleashing Limitless Energy

Your magnificent mitochondria are the solution to unleashing limitless energy. And, it is simpler than you think. If you seek to solve your energy crisis, a few simple concepts should do the trick, but first, have you ever heard of mitochondria? Not exactly dinner...

Microbiome Medicine |The Warnings NOT to Ignore.

Microbiome Medicine |The Warnings NOT to Ignore.

Microbiome Medicine is the study of of how the microbiome affects your body as a unified system. The microbiome influences far more than digestive health and immunity alone. In fact, there are more than 48.3 million ambulatory care visits per year due to digestive...

Doshas | What they reveal about us

Doshas | What they reveal about us

Doshas may help us learn more about how we can use our individuality to find our best health. An Introduction to these “Mind-Body” Types could help you find yours. You might ask how learning a little Ayurvedic tradition could guide you to a better life. Is it possible...

Frequencies of Healing | The Sound of Health

Frequencies of Healing | The Sound of Health

Table of contentsThe Sound of Health or DiseaseYou Aren't Sick; You are Out of Tune.Let's take into our understanding of what Bruce Lipton describes. Tuning in to energy and coherent frequencies is the natural way to deal with physical issues.Fixing Your Incoherent...

Meditation | FIVE Ways it Will Change Your Life

Meditation | FIVE Ways it Will Change Your Life

Meditation done regularly will prevent stress by creating a baseline for stressors, allowing you to control stressful situations before they begin harming your health. Loss of a loved one, divorce, now " pandemic stress" keeps your body on high alert for long periods....

Fasting | Eat Less, Live Longer

Fasting | Eat Less, Live Longer

Fasting is a simple way to eat less and live longer. By incorporating one of the most badass health hacks available your body can regenerate, find it's ideal weight and lessen your chances for diabetes. Intermittent fasting and fasting for health burn up Facebook and...

pH and Alkaline Diets | 7 Ways to Benefit

pH and Alkaline Diets | 7 Ways to Benefit

Body pH and alkalinity are vital topics to understand for the most optimal health possible. After all, keeping your body alkaline has profound effects on the health of your cells. The pH scale is a logarithmic scale first proposed by S.P.L Sorensen, a Dane, in 1909 to...

Top 7 Inflammation Fighting Herbs To Try Now!

Top 7 Inflammation Fighting Herbs To Try Now!

s Inflammation is a necessary process that begins a cascade of healing processes. Many of us reach for the nearest pain reliever without a second thought. Health focused people make conscious choices to turn to natural remedies for their families and trust the safety...

Restoring Digestive Balance

Restoring Digestive Balance

Restoring digestive balance is a several step endeavor. Moreover, the steps should occur in order. In fact, when building a house, you don’t start with the furniture first. It would be unwise to decorate the inside if you don’t have walls, windows, or doors. When...