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Are you out of tune?

Feeling a little out of tune lately? Perhaps you aren’t sick but you don’t feel your best. Learn how you can tune in to transformation health.

The power of sound.

I can still remember the first time I ever head a Native American being flute played. I felt as if my soul was experiencing a  beautiful memory. Something seemed to stir deep inside me. Because I resonated with that sound, I thought perhaps I was an Indian in another life.

Next to the drum, the flute is one of the most stirring of Native American instruments. Tales told of native people playing flutes when colonists were claiming their territories.

Dr. Richard Payne, an authority on the subject, believed that the flute originated with the Northern Ute’ tribe. Music becomes a part of our life from conception. A mother’s heartbeat is most likely the first piece of beautiful music a fetus hears. It is the sound of life itself. We soon learn of the power and pleasure of our voice and marvel at the responses we get when we use it.

Our dear mother earth has a voice also. The constant hum of our planet has a frequency of 7.83Hz and is known as the Schumann Resonance, named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann. Schumann claims the sound occurs when the space between the Earth’s surface and the conductive qualities of the ionosphere acts as a closed “waveguide.” Many understand the Schumann Resonance, but there are also notes in between that are being discovered for healing transformation.

Watch the interview below with Myrrh de Marmion, Vibrational Alchemist.

The body is vibrational.

We know our bodies generate their sounds as well. The human “heart” resonance frequency is 1Hz. The human body frequency can be 62 to around 72 Hz. The frequencies of the body are called infrasonic waves. We are now coming to learn that every organ has a unique frequency. Quite often, we pick up signals that are not coherent with our own.

Incoherent signals may come in the form of EMFs, viruses, heavy metals, chemicals, lack of grounding, weak and shallow breathing, and especially emotions. These incoherent signals interfere with our “broadcast” of health.” Instead, they broadcast a frequency that is not in harmony with ours. Guess what happens next? Colds, flu, autoimmunity, digestive issues. We are coming to understand that no illness is what it appears to be. Many who succumb to these illnesses do so because they are resonating at a lower frequency. In a “like attracts like” universe, it is unavoidable.

You are not sick; you are out of tune.

Sound therapies soothe us, lower stress, and put us in a meditative state. Certain sounds may also provide a corrective component to our “out of tune” bodies. In other words, it appears that DIS-ease and DIS-harmony are the same. What is the remedy? Perhaps it could be as simple as taking a “sound shower.” Merely the vibration of our body is producing profound effects on our health,

No one has quite ever explained in easy to understand terms more about the human energy field than Bruce Lipton. You are truly more than you think you are. If you ever wanted to finally get answers from a scientific perspective or a spiritual perspective, Bruce Lipton explains it like no one ever has. See this video below.

If we take into our understanding what Bruce Lipton describes, then tuning in to the energy that flows around is the ONLY way to deal with physical issues. In other words, our physical health depends on the health of our energy body FIRST. In other words, if we are out of tune (sick) we may just need a tune-up.

When we pair Lipton’s succinct but relatable description of WHAT we are, the conclusion we must draw is inevitable. The words of Albert Einstein can leave us now with little doubt. If the FIELD truly is the sole governing factor, then getting to the ROOT CAUSE of an illness BEGINS with finding the incoherence and clearing the signal.

Tuning forks travel through "the field" and can instantly reach the recipient.

Fixing incoherence in the energy field.

Just taking a supplement or drinking celery juice is not going to fix your energetic imbalance. What we need to have a steady diet of is love, peace, forgiveness, and joy as our foundation. So your emotional (energetic) incoherences, a well-placed tuning fork can find the issue in about 30 seconds flat.

You can learn about tuning forks and even purchase your own. You can be your own best physician while learning more about your body than you ever imagined. Vibration and sound healing are profoundly relaxing to body, mind, and spirit. Why? Coherence. Think of all the instruments in a band playing in harmony. No one is flat or out of key. As you breathe deeply and relax into the experience, you will begin to crave the feeling you get emotionally and physically.

Physical and emotional issues feel as if they were just peeled off and discarded. There is a rebirth. Your soul awakens. And you realize what being “IN TUNE” feels like.

Myrrh de Marmion, a Vibrational Alchemist from North Carolina, shared some insight into her experiences with herself and her clients. Check out the interview above. Then learn to tune in to your amazing body. It’s the most beautiful song you will ever hear.  You might wonder how can a tuning fork makes profound changes in your body.  Ultimately, all things in our vast universe are connected.  Whether or not you feel connected or not, “the field” is a matrix of energy that permeates every living thing and all that is in between

Do you want to experience tuning forks for health?

You can enjoy a distance tuning fork session in the comfort of your own home.  You see, when we overthink, worry about the future, dwell on the past, harbor anger or grief, these all carry an emotional charge. In other words, your emotions have a magnetic charge.  Alternatively, your thoughts have an electrical charge.  When we repress an emotion, it is similar to putting an energetic damn up, which impedes your electrical flow. Picture a hose that you fold in half and kink.  You may get a trickle, but you don’t get the full flow of water.

In short, when you impede the flow of electricity through your body, you LOSE some of your life force. Those suffering from depression find themselves with low energy.  Depression is a low vibrational emotion. A tuning fork harmonizes your body and, in turn, helps you feel more whole.

You can learn more here: Learn Energy Medicine.

Aqua tune water structures water tuning it's frequency for the benefit of each cell.