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         Energy Medicine. Your best path to transformational wellness begins here. Where will it take you? Start your journey at Amplified-Health NOW.

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“Every disease is a musical problem. Its’ cure a musical solution. - Nouvalis

Explore a place where you can enjoy the healing experience of powerful sound therapies for your meditation practices. Whether you want to learn to play or just immerse yourself in a relaxing sound bath, you will find something to elevate your mood and melt away your stress.

Tuning Forks have become a very popular modality for use on or around the body in the energy field.  Feel the benefits of receiving an energy field tuning (BIOFIELD TUNING) .  Learn more about how tuning forks can be powerful self-healing tools by experiencing a live distance session or pre-recorded session tailored to your need.  Additionally learn how  the sound balancing method works or book a session. LEARN MORE HERE.

What is Biofield Tuning?


“Every disease is a musical problem. Its’ cure a musical solution. - Nouvalis

Energy Medicine has solutions that are gentle, simple, but profound.  Work with tuning forks on the body or in the “the field” is growing in popularity.  

Tuning forks are popular with Massage Therapists, Trainers and Coaches, and energy medicine practitioners alike. Also, this work can quickly be done at a distance making this a convenient and straightforward solution that only requires your presence of mind. 

Private Coaching Sessions   are available for ALL Transformational Coaches!

Conscious Personal Mastery.

Used extensively at the Centre for Biofield Sciences in India and the U.K. This software allows for seeing your subtle energy body. 

This software can also validate the efficacy of most healing modalities. Software is available for purchase or for obtaining a scan for your personal wellness - Contact Sandra. 

A Window into the soul.  The Science of Digital Clairvoyance.

Living things must have coherence and flow in their energy field in order to express health.

Emotions get “stuck” in our energy field when we are in thinking and feeling loops. As a result, emotion which are magnetic in nature, get STUCK in our energy field.

Repressed emotions show up as the dark reds and dark pink pools of energy you see in the examples at the left. At times what is revealed is physical in nature. Without discovery and resolutions these emotions WILL turn into physical ailments given enough time without resolution.

SEE where you life force is being compromised and gain an understanding of simple solutions to help you free this trapped energy and return to a coherent flow state.

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