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About Sandra Miller – Personal Mastery Coach

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Personal Mastery Mission Statement Sandra Miller

 Helping you become your own “personal” master!

 I am Sandra Miller

Each of us deserves a healthy body and healthy emotions. Emotional freedom means that you have the ability to self-regulate in times of physical or emotional stress.

Self-regulation is the key to overcoming the challenges that we face in a rapidly changing world – What I  refer to as  “Personal Mastery.”


 Personal mastery  is a state of  being in which you choose your emotional state and not become victim to your thoughts and feelings.

Your thoughts and emotions = your state of being and determine every outcome in your life.

If you are ready for a change – why not take advantage of  a complimentary discovery session by booking below. 

Share your hopes and dreams with me and allow me to help YOU make them come true.



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My support and guidance move others towards transforming negative thinking and unhealthy behaviors that hold them back from living their purpose to confident doers that compress with the skills to compress the time from wanting – to – having in all areas of their lives.

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Sandra Miller-

When I was young I struggled with feelings of abandonment. I felt like my feelings and thoughts did not matter. As a young girl I found solace in food. In fact, I reached 194 pounds at AGE 14.

Poor food choices would keep me overweight and depressed until I was about 24 years old. After that, I battled autoimmunity for 30 years.

Education, inspiration, and perseverance would help me overcome the horrible symptoms I had for so long.

A  little light inside  me wanted to shine brightly. This light was my soul’s mission and purpose.  I became a beacon of hope and a mentor for those willing to do the work.

Developing Personal Mastery

Most of us care more about what others think and feel than our own thoughts and feelings. In fact, we often give away our power.

Also, we tend to self-sabotage or take on a “why bother” mindset.

Clarity & focus helped me define my mission and what emerged was an obligation to share a way for others to break through the limiting beliefs we all share.

A personal power emerged that brings a feeling like no other.  There is no greater freedom than mastering your actions, thoughts and emotions. This is true personal mastery.

Getting clarity around WHO I am and-why I do what I do defined my mission and purpose. I share my mission statement with you to see the code of honor I live by.

I would be honored to help you discover yours.



My Core “4” Values


The success of my clients stems from my ability to empathize without allowing for excuses – and NOT judging

Each client is given a plan that supports where you want to go and the pace you want to get there.

My promise is to meet where YOU ARE AT and develop your plan from there. Listening to you is how we begin.



Respecting your individuality is of utmost importance to me. I coach with flexibility and patience until we find what is working best for you.

As I  learned to respect my own value-it is important that you find yours.


While I have true compassion for everyone’s struggles, I also use gentle leadership to assure you move forward in a way that enhances your life in some way. 

In fact,  everything I coach you on… I have mastered myself.

In addition,  you will become a master of past  feelings of inadequacy & “not good enough” so you can truly feel you deserve BETTER.


Because I live with purpose – I always know where I am going. In fact, because I trust the process, it is OK if I don’t have a plan to get there.

All that is needed to know I wanted it to feel when I get there.

In conclusion, let’s create YOUR personal mission statement as a code of ethics to live by so you never let yourself down again.

If you started today –

You would be THERE now! 

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