Thyroid Healthy Tips To Keep your Thyroid In Tip Top Shape

Thyroid dysregulation is rampant today. Cases range from severe (cancers) to mild. The sheer numbers of Americans diagnosed each year is staggering.

Shockingly, diagnosing thyroid issue seems to elude a far more staggering number of people. I fell into that category myself. Eventually, I learned what I needed to change and took action. That is just how I “roll.”

The Symphony Is Only As Good As The Conductor.

We were, after all, divinely designed. Unfortunately, we were not meant to handle the numerous types of substances in our environment that we now swim in every single day.

Sadly, our “cleaning mechanism and systems” do not get an automatic operating system upgrade as our Smart Phones do. WE must make changes.

The human glandular system works like a well-orchestrated symphony when functioning as designed. Thyroid glands (and glands in general) are an excellent example of this orchestration.

. The highest forms of communication take place at the level of the human cell. In the case of our thyroid, there is a “sentinel” who gets the message out.
That means that the next “player” in the symphony has to interpret with accuracy, what the first guy told him to play.

They take in raw materials and turn them into usable “fuel” for this complex system. A system that controls everything from body temperature, digestion, the making/secreting of hormones, and so many more functions.

Interestingly, these glands even work together to slow us down or speed us up. In the case of the thyroid gland, the instrument is only as good as the conductor.

Hit it Maestro!

Five steps begin the process. In a tiny gland in our brain called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus (a pea-sized gland in the brain) monitors the levels of thyroid hormone in your body.

Your hypothalamus produces thyrotropin-releasing hormone accordingly (TRH).  Below the hypothalamus is the anterior pituitary gland. This action produces TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone.)

TSH then calls upon our thyroid gland (which produces thyroxine.  Thyroxine is known as  (T4), which converts to a language our body understands better. Triiodothyronine  (T3) which ultimately becomes an essential player here as it is the ACTIVE hormone. Our bodies listen for instructions from T3. Here is where the music and careful orchestration begins.

Let the Music Play.

T4 is converted into the more active T3 by the deiodinase system (D1, D2, D3) in multiple tissues and organs, but especially in the liver, gut, skeletal muscle, brain and the thyroid gland itself. Here is where  T3 turns into an inactive form of thyroid hormone in the liver.

Transporters carry the T3 and T4 to our tissues.  The transporters are called Thyroid binding globulins (TBG).  Once in the tissues they are cleaved from their carrier and become FREE.

Free T4 and free T3 to be exact,  which can now bind to thyroid hormone receptors (THRs) and exert their metabolic effect. We must measure what is ACTIVE to really understand what is USABLE thyroid hormone that available to do it’s job.

Chemical Confusion.

Sadly, many things can go wrong with this process. Imagine that something as simple as your toothpaste can confuse this delicate process. A process occurs through a” chemical confusion.” Tricking your body into thinking that you have all the thyroid hormone you need from the fluoride in your toothpaste.

Your body may misinterpret fluoride for thyroid hormone as fluoride “fits in the keyhole” but does not turn the key. Better yet, imagine having numerous keys that all fit into the SAME lock of your door, but only one of them can let you in

Only one key fits into the lock at a time, right? Fluoride, chlorine, and bromine are all culprits that fit into our thyroid receptors. Often, these molecules get to the target first leaving no room for our hormone. These imposters don’t work the way our hormone does.

So, who are these tricksters? They are called HALOGENS and are chemically similar to our natural thyroid hormone. Many times these molecules (keys) get to the receptor FIRST, first leaving no room for our hormone key. These imposters don’t open the lock that makes our thyroid work properly.

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Plasticizers like BPA, heavy metals like mercury, and many other chemicals found routinely in our environment disrupt or confuse the natural symphony of our bodies..

Be Smarter Than Your Doctor.

The result? You feel fatigued, cold, depressed, achy, and gain weight. You may lose your hair or part of your eyebrows. Uncomfortably dry skin becomes a problem despite lotions and potions. The real tragedy is that should you consult your physician; he may not run all the testing needed to pick up on the deception.

Here lies the main issue. “You cannot find something if you are not looking for it.”

Most doctors today do only a basic thyroid panel and miss situations where our bodies may be making antibodies to our thyroid gland. We can become “under attack” from our defense system. How cruel!

We may have trouble converting T4 into its active counterpart T3. As with any complicated system, many things could go wrong.

Following the Right Path

Have you ever heard this expression:  If someone has the results you want -do what they DO? ” I took that advice in 2012 after listening to a woman who cured her own “Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.” I learned most all cases of low thyroid fall under the title of Hashimoto’s.

Most cases are immediately are treated with thyroid drugs. Sadly, they don’t always have to be Many things were added to my daily routine. A lot more would be removed.  Namely, toothpaste with fluoride was out the window. Body washes, dryer sheets, and all plastics went too. I had to make sure that most of the things that were within my environment were non-toxic and natural.

Mercury fillings we mostly removed as well. Scarily, removing them can be as much of a problem as leaving them in.

Ousting toxic metals from my tissues became my life’s mission. Coffee enemas and dry skin brushing became several times weekly habits. Dammit, I was going to get better.

Dr. Isabella Wentz’s book ROOT CAUSE came out just a year or so afterward and gave so much insight into what to do and how to do it.
Dr. Wentz has a website dedicated to providing free information. Follow in our footsteps and take charge of your health today.



Author of ROOT CAUSE  and  HASHIMOTO’s PROTOCOL and has a cookbook to help you live the autoimmune/Paleo diet that will help your body heal from the ravages of this debilitating disease.

You can get a wealth of information free from this incredible doctor who is dedicating her life’s work to her cause.