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Meet Your Transformational Coaches!

What do you want to learn today?  Using tuning forks for health? Finding and developing your gifts? Are you looking to receive a distance healing session? Remote scanning?  Perhaps you want to experience the benefits of working one-on-on with a coach who can help you shift your mindset so you can begin to transform your life.  Ultimately. even coaches need coaches!

We have so many ways to help you raise your frequency. Happy exploring!

Sandra Miller

Sandra Miller


I have been helping others overcome challenges of physical and emotional health for over 30 years.

Conscious personal mastery requires that we learn to gain control over our feelings and actions so we can take control of our lives.  The most religious of dietary practices or exercise cannot override the disease producing effects of negative or long-held emotions. Likewise, not tending to the health of our electric body due to lack of understanding robs us of the optimal health we all seek.





Gavin Ashley

Gavin Ashley


Using my gifts as an Intuitive Life Coach, I retrieve information from the brain about the body or mind (mental or physical issues). This could be compared to scanning a computer for viruses and getting a report. The report is indicative of what is happening with your system. Imagine, being able to clear ANY limiting Beliefs within minutes! 

This in-depth approach to true healing is very advanced . Ultimately, because you are going directly to the source of the issue by asking the body to speak; you uncover the underlining cause the particular health issue or mental health issue



Daniela DeCastro

Daniela DeCastro

Spiritiual Medium / Channeler / Spiritual Counselor / Reiki Master and Distance Healer.

Reiki Master under the lineage of Master Usiu.

In addition to being a certified  Usui Reiki Master, Daniela has had the pleasure of completing coursework under renowned Spiritual Medium, Blair Robertson. 

Additionally, Daniela is currently offering classes to aid those who seek to reclaim their power and develop their spiritual growth.

Ultimately, it is her mission to help others evolve to become the best versions of themselves.  As a result, her work helps everyone to  remember the light being that they are. 

Our Parteners

Are you seeking coaching or instruction?

We offer a Transformational Coach who will meet your needs.

Would you benefit from closure by connecting with loved ones or pets who have passed or seek spiritual guidance?  Would you like to learn how to use tuning forks for relaxation or improved health?

Perhaps you want to learn some simple strategies to help yourself

Recover from grief, sadness, self-sabotage.

Our coaches offer instruction and support to help you enjoy the life you desire.  We also offer a body scanning to help identify what services or coach would most benefit you.

Please provide some information on how we can help. Your initial consultation is complimentary.

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