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Outsmarting the cancer process is a never-ending journey of understanding and action.

In this article, I am going to show you just how much control you have over becoming a cancer statistic. It was empowering to realize that research shows that we all have some control over getting it. It seems that the same protocol for preventing cancer is its cure. For a preventative measure, we need to understand a few factors that have a profound effect on whether or not you put yourself in the path of cancer. Or, not.

Having struggled with Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and insulin resistance, All of these conditions are tell-tale signs that you are in the path of a storm called cancer. Consistent inflammation is a clue that at some point in time, your body will not be able to make enough new cells that work. Doesn’t it make sense that your body cannot build healthy new cells when it is busy trying to calm down an immune response?

Autoimmunity is one of the first steps on the path. A wake - up call that offers a shot at redemption. An opportunity to right a few wrongs.

Small Changes = BIG results.

Sometimes small changes add up to significant results. I am not referring to making up missed workouts or getting in more veggies. I am talking about “gene speak.” What am I telling my genes?

Don’t our genes dictate who gets cancer, and who does not?  Let me break it down. Hey, I don’t get the moniker of “GPS for your DNA” for nothing!

 Outsmart the cancer process by considering these FACTORS.

Let me make it simple from the get-go. To beat cancer at its own game, you need to understand what fosters it. These factors below determine whether cancer cells will go rogue and turn into disease, or shrivel up and die. If you follow some of the guidelines below, you may be able to outsmart cancer in your lifetime.



The consensus is clear if you ask a metabolic specialist such as Dr. Jason Fung. There literally is “NO SUCH THING AS AN ESSENTIAL CARBOHYDRATE.” We thrive with very little. IF we need it, we can make it. With sugars low, our body would kick into “fatty acid metabolism” mode by producing ketones from body fat.  All of our body systems run better on fat than they do on carbs — notably, the mitochondria.

Our mitochondria are responsible for making 90% of our energy. It stands to reason that proper fueling of our mitochondria makes a lot of sense. Metabolic sense for us, but, it is metabolic suicide for cancer. in other words, we do have other fuels that burn cleaner and cause less metabolic harm while feeding the mitochondria who make our energy.


Take a look at some FACTS below.  Again, this is not just my opinion.


Fact: we increase our ATP (cellular energy) by about 30% using ketones as fuel over glucose. Consequently, we increase the amount of oxygen available for our healthy cells. So fat-fueled = more energy + more oxygen = less fuel for cancer to grow. Ultimately, this information tells us that our bodies do better with less carbohydrate and more fat.

Consuming less sugar means that you also are at less risk for oxidative stress. As a result, there is less damage to TELOMERES  –  the protective caps on the ends of our DNA. For each insulin spike, you are eroding those precious protective caps on your DNA. There is no such thing as a harmless “carb loading” session. Above all, we cannot discount the work of some of these pioneers who speak to our diets and the diet of a cancer cell.

Dr. Thomas Seyfried is a strong proponent for the metabolic theory of cancer. Listen to his interview with “The Quantified Body” here:  Podcast: Quantified Body - guest Dr. Thomas Seyfried

Dr. Otto Warburg ( The Warburg effect ) came decades before Dr. Seyfried and won the NOBEL PRIZE in 1931 for his early recognition of the metabolic theory of cancer. Read More about Warburg’s theory.


You really cannot blame a cancer cell from doing what it does because cancer also has a set of  “instructions” encoded in its DNA. Cancer cells - like healthy cells, work off their own “programming.”   You have to be smarter than a cancer cell. In other words, when you know what drives the growth of cancer, you can keep the growth from happening.

  Above all, we must learn to outsmart cancer by living a lifestyle whereby we are increasing oxygen while keeping insulin spikes at a minimum whereby, reducing oxidated stress and, and including ways to manage emotional stress.

Kick cancer while it’s down.

To do this, we must address increasing oxygen within our cells.  Home ozone units for water are prevalent.  Increased uptake of oxygen in the mitochondria is measurable after such treatments.

Perhaps you also may have heard of hyperbaric oxygen therapies. Hyperbaric O2 is not just for divers anymore. Remember, cancer hates oxygen-rich environments.

Or why not try a structured water bottle? A super simple option. In addition, some options are great for on-the-go.  When it comes to water, quality matters but in addition; so does the container your water is in.

Structured water is another tool in the arsenal to increase the oxygenation of your cells.  Read Dr. Jack Kruse’s post on structured water to hit cancer cells where they live.  Higher oxygenation of cells from diet and therapies once again shine a light on the power that the human body has to heal itself.  Or, to prevent sickness and disease all together.

You have the power to beat cancer at its own game. You simply have to know how it plays.

Cancers Traveling Partners.


You might be surprised to learn that 90% of humans carry some form of the herpes virus. Understand there are eight different strains of herpesvirus. Each of them can be tied back to a particular type of cancer. In addition, 80% of the population has been exposed to SOME form of this virus family. In addition, the Epstein-Barr virus has also been found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients who have succumbed to the disease. Therefore, germs may be more responsible for causing some cancers that once thought.

For instance, herpes simplex #1. This virus, which causes cold sores, has been implicated in not only oral and cervical cancers but also colon cancer.  In men, we have now seen links to prostate cancers as well.

This information makes it pretty easy to understand how infections could tie to a cancer diagnosis. Above all, it ultimately explains why so many people are susceptible to cancer. A Florida researcher has his solution for infectious agents down to a science. Literally. The science is age-old, and NikolaTesla himself made it famous.

Researcher Tom Paladino has developed an instrument that is generating reviews from all over the world. These stories claim hope and healing. Above all, healing from infections that medical science currently cannot cure. There are stories and testing showing freedom from herpes, Epstein-Barr, and even Lyme Disease.

Are we ready to embrace an energy medicine solution?

Paladino says his instrument called SCALAR LIGHT, is “breaking apart the DNA bonds” of these pathogens. Talk about your quantum physics. His website has hundreds of testimonials.

He does not ask you to take his word for it. He prefers that you be the judge, so he offers a no-obligation trial right here.  And you might even marvel at HOW he does this.

Tom encourages anyone to take advantage of his offer to share this with your family at no cost. Tom followed the work of Nikola Tesla.

You can get my free guide HERE about how certain diseases and infections are precursors to cancer. I wrote this guide to share this critical information with you.

Free your SOUL.


Zen out! Forgive yourself and others. Cease holding grudges. Emotional traumas? Find a qualified energy medicine practitioners in your area.

One good Reiki Master will lead you to another useful resource. Or share a modality you may not have even knew existed. The community is tight-knit. They can figure out what programs, practitioners, or classes that could help you the most.

Not only your energy blockages but, those that may have been carried over in your DNA. Ancestral wounds that may stay contained within our own energetic signature/field. Or for a DIY, you can watch any EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) video and try working on yourself.

You don’t have to be skilled either, and there are many great coaches out here to help you. I enjoyed this free workshop, and you might also. BE OPEN to new things. Experiment with different modalities like sound healing, guided meditation, or even Qi Gong.

When you tap into your higher self and listen to the wisdom provided, all of your cells respond more healthily.

Dr. Kelly Turner, Ph.D., wrote an eye-opening book. Her book “RADICAL REMISSION: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds. What becomes evident in Dr. Turne’s book might surprise you.

In her book, she highlights nine factors associated with positive outcomes from cancer. Cancer of ALL stages. The nine elements are as follows:

The NINE factors are:

  • Changing your diet.
  • Taking control of your health.
  • Following your intuition.
  • Using herbs and supplements.
  • Releasing suppressed emotions.
  • Increasing positive emotions.
  • Embracing social support.
  • Deepening your spiritual connection.

Surprisingly, when assessing outcomes of patients, several factors caused the most significant increase in healing, while others made less of an impact. If you thought that changing the DIET was the most beneficial, you would be incorrect.

The top 3 beneficial changes in lifestyle were related to emotional and spiritual status and not diet or exercise. Forgiving and letting go of improved health MORE than food and supplements in beating cancer. EVERYTHING is energetic. We would be foolish to disregard it.

The ENERGETIC therapies had the most profound effect.

Do something that brings joy every day. Be careful what you think and, more importantly, what you say. Words manifest. Outsmart cancer by not welcoming its presence in your life. Speak it. “Cancer, you are not welcome here.” Own it and outsmart it. Take back your power.

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