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Conscious Personal Mastery Coach



Hi, it’s Sandra. I am so passionate about bringing information and low-cost screening options to communities across the country. My goal and mission have been introducing the latest health science/technologies to optimize health and human performance.

After decades of poor health despite a “healthy” lifestyle, I took my health challenges into my own hands. I researched and followed functional medicine pioneers as they unlocked secrets to optimal health.

It was my love of energy medicine where I truly learned the foundations upon which health is built. Everything about our bodies is electric in nature and when our current flows, our health GLOWS!


Sandra resides on Florida’s gulf coast with her husband, two dogs, and two birds. She has two adult children and two grandchildren. She is proud to stand on the shoulders of some giants in the energy medicine space for whom she is so eternally grateful.

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30+Years -1000’s of success stories.

People trust professionals to provide the right guidance and I train the trainers!  With a focus on disease prevention using simple energy medicine practices. Ultimately, if we can detect health issues before they turn into illness, health improves rapidly.

If you are a health coach or fitness professional and you want to up your game and truly help clients transform themselves, let’s connect!

You may not be unwell, you may just be out of tune…

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It may not be what you are eating-

but rather, what is EATING YOU.

Peer into the window of your soul and identify the root of your blockages.  Life, money, health,

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Client Testimonials

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1+(407) 924-3974

Services ProvideD

  • Consciousness and Personal Mastery Coaching
  • Biofield Tuning /Sound Balancing
  • DNA potentiation and activation
  • Biofield and Chakra View with interpretation/action plan