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Subtle Energy Solutions

 Welcome to the Subtle Energy Solutions Marketplace for Body, Mind, and Spirit Wellness.

What is your BIOFIELD?

It is your personal subtle energy field!   

Bio means “LIFE“.  In fact, your biofield is the subtle life-force energy that runs through and around you and all living organisms. Consider your energy field as the primary conveyor of information and as regulator and mediator of all biological interactions.   Above all, your biofield immediately interconnects with the information delivered to your entire body, thus; holds and conveys vital information for not only biocommunication but also bioregulation.

“Subtle energy solutions – you Marketplace for

” Amplified Health NOW!”

Support overall wellness with wearables, patches, and energetic signature technology. These subtle energy solutions enhance and support physical wellness, energetic wellness and emotional wellness.

In addition, enhancing and harmonizing your energy field leads to overall health improvement and  better life quality. 


Subtle energy products use frequencies that are encoded into the product and work to calm, soothe, and enhance your own subtle energy body.

Harmonize your body while increasing resilience against EMF dirty electricity. Drug free solutions available for many health challenges. 

Find the perfect tuning fork or audio/sound healing meditation to bring your body into a more blissful state.

Subtle Energy | Audio Meditation

Audio coming  JANUARY 2021


Subtle Energy “Life force is a coherent, organizing energy.  In fact, when concentrated using orgone energy devices, it creates a potent energy field.” M.J. Pangman – Author, Dancing With Water.

Subtle Energy Water Enhancement

This subtle energy Charging Plate incorporates one tiny, Russian diamond in the center, and a Tensor Ring embedded in the plate.

Diamonds have an extremely pure and potent resonance tuned to higher consciousness. 

The Tensor Ring, rediscovered by Slim Spurling, is a closed loop coil.

In fact, when made to certain specifications, these devices amplify subtle energy and create a toroidal vortex—a region of rotating movement. 

Tensor rings structure water and create a column of protective energy.

Anything that is placed within the energetic column is protected from outside negativity.

These products make great gifts!                                    

Tuning Element Smart Jewelry  


The Subtle Energy Marketplace is your answer to Biofield Enhancement.


Tuning element subtle energy

Tuning Element Structured Water On-The-Go!

Subtle energy tuning element

Subtle Energy Encoded Digital Wellness

 Quantum Technology for a Digital Age!

Subtle energy Conscious Marketplace
Aura clearing subtle energy
subtle energy adrenal boost

Healthy Line Home Therapy Infared Technology Turns You Home Into a Wellness Center!

Customized Health Solutions



Viome decodes YOU and finds the perfect supplementation that harmonizes with your body. Don’t take what you don’t need, let your body determine it’s own needs.

This ONE TEST will change your understanding of PERSONALIZED NUTRITION.

Personalized gut health

Get insight into your gut microbiome and start making personalized lifestyle and nutrition choices. Simple test with comprehensive report and app.

Don’t guess – test!

I cannot wait to share my checklist with my best anti-aging strategies for you to “Become Timeless.”

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