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Biorhythms (circadian rhythms) are the chronobiology of time and your internal biological clocks. These rhythms pertain to physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle. 

Chronobiology is the study of circadian rhythms (biorhythms) and their effect on the human organism. Orchestration of light cycles profoundly affects biological organisms, including animals, plants, and microbes.

 First, I will share what you might already know and then help you understand how far-reaching biorhythms influence your metabolism.

The SCN-Your Functional Timekeeper

Your SCN (suprachiasmatic nucleus) entrains to the light-dark cycle and is fixed, not mutable. We must be the ones to change our schedules to be in sync with light.

In most areas of the country, the sun comes up by 7:15 AM and sets by 6:30 PM, barring daylight savings time. Your internal clock is tuned in to wake with the rise of the sun. Your biorhythm timekeeper releases melatonin shortly after dusk under ideal conditions.

The expectation of your SCN is that light will enter your retina right around sunrise.

If you sleep in until noon, you miss a very critical timing of light that you cannot regain. Technology-focused lifestyles are detriment to health and longevity.

Biorhythms and Sleep

The “time cues” of your biological clock dictate when to eat, sleep, and be active. In fact, for plants, animals, and humans, even the fluctuation of temperatures from day to evening serve as biological cues to keep us on a regular schedule.

Additionally, seasonal fluctuations characterize by shorter days affect sleep and mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects close to 20% of those with existing depressive disorders and 25% of those diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 

I struggled with SAD myself for a few years.

Recent commercials offer help for Non-24 disease – a sleep/wake disorder occurring mainly in the non-sighted individuals. However, those with normal vision are not immune to it. 

Biorhythms Out of Alignment

When your timekeepers are out of balance, you experience one of all of the following:

Diminished alertness, inability to fall asleep and stay asleep, hunger and cravings, low or unstable mood, anxiety, and a host of other symptoms that appear unrelated.

I seek to enlighten you (pun intended) to a few details followed by a straightforward solution I created and swear by.

Melanopsin and Photoreceptors

Melanopsin [1] is a photoreceptor for our mammalian circadian system. It belongs to a larger family of “light-sensitive” proteins in your retina responsible for setting circadian rhythms. Melanopsin does not work alone, but rather is only one of several photoreceptors.

 Your retina works in conjunction with your pineal gland, brain, and ,skin to deliver information to your SCN – your primary “timekeeper.” The SCN is one of several “Zeitgebers” or time keepers. Allow me to familiarize you with the term.

Zeitgebers-Your Biorhythms Timekeepers

Zeitgeber means time-giver. ZEIT in German = time and GEBER, which means giver.

According to Miriam Webster – “an environmental agent or event (such as the occurence of light or dark) that provides the stimulus for setting or resetting a biological clock of an organism.”

Fortunately, we can reset our Zeitgebers.

The Information of Light

Your primary Zeitgeber triggers when light enters your retinas. 

Additionally, sunlight on your skin helps the SCN deliver the message that it is daytime. To be exact, when UVB rays hit your skin. In ideal conditions of adequate duration, your body will make its vitamin D in precisely this way.

If you thought taking vitamin D supplements was the way to better immunity, you would only be less than half correct.

The action of making vitamin D is the signal that to your cells that you genuinely need.

What sunlight provides “informationally” no supplement can mimic. Vitamin D deficiency is less about not getting enough vitamin D supplementation than it is about getting enough light.

Biorhythms and Your Gut

Studies on animals show that food intake also serves as a vital time cue for the clocks that govern your metabolism. Sunlight on your skin provides information to your gut.

Eating is a “wakeful” activity, or…it should be. In other words, we should eat during hours when there is light. There should be no eating after dark.

Your gut is the interface and has a timekeeper all its own called ultradian rhythms .  Ultradian rhythms are yet another Zeitgeber.

Skipping breakfast is something that seems almost fashionable these days. The “intermittent fast” is easy for anyone not feeling capable of eating in the morning.

Also, for anyone who skips breakfast as a way to improve insulin sensitivity, lose weight, or enhance performance.

While I am a huge proponent of fasting and intermittent fasting, breakfast is not the meal to skip based on circadian biology. In fact, skipping breakfast could cause hormonal misinformation to your biology.

When there is no light on your skin and you skip breakfast you are sending a message that food is scarce.

When food is scarce, your body makes and stores fat in the event of famine. In fact, repair of your body slows down. In addition, fertility is impacted.

Mixed Messages

You can see how essential it is to sync up the clocks in your brain with the clocks in your liver, muscles, organs, and gut. It is understandable that your weight reflects the misalignment of light fluctuations and the timing of meals.

Picture an office worker at their desk snacking most of the day.

The worker moves little from the drive to work until it’s time to drive home. To relieve the stress of the day, relaxing on the couch trumps just about any activity. 

You can easily see how these messages get crossed. In the example provided – activity did not happen during daylight hours. Eating occurred most all day long—a recipe for being tired, overweight, and depressed. 

These “peripheral” clocks that govern organ and tissue function prove responsible for diseases such as metabolic syndrome also.

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a group of different conditions that occur together, increasing your heart disease risk, stroke, and type 2 diabetes risks.

Hallmarks of Metabolic Syndrome

  • increased blood pressure
  • high blood sugar
  • excess body fat especially around the midsection
  • abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

Could synchronization of your circadian clocks orchestrate time cues that turn on better glucose control, better blood pressure, better sleep, and better health?

YOU BETTER believe it.

Biorhythms and Meal Timing

A study at drives home the data that timing of meals has significance

ghttp://According to: Circadian Biology: Uncoupling Human Body Clocks By Food Timing

“Synchrony of circadian rhythms between tissues/organs appears critical for health. A new study reports that meal timing, a modifiable cue for the circadian system, can selectively uncouple circadian rhythms in metabolic physiology from the central circadian clock in humans.”

In other words, you can offset a schedule of less-than-ideal sleep and wakefulness with specific meal timing. I cover this meal timing in-depth in my Light Diet Reset Method – a self-study booklet and course.

With that, let’s get a deeper understanding of your circadian rhythm cycle by tying it to a science with which you might already be familiar.

The Epigenetics Connection

Epigenetics studies the effects of the environment on your genes. Genes express themselves based on the information provided by your environment. Mainly light, temperature, and meal timing.

While state of being and level of stress also plays a role, for now, I will stay focused on our current path.

I share below the hands-down best explanation of epigenetics.

Dr. Lipton’s original video was removed. I offer this one instead still based on his teachings.

Picture a light switch on your wall. Not getting enough sleep can switch ON your genes to begin proliferating cancerous cells.

A similar scenario to flipping on a light switch. When we add compromised nutrition, stress, and lack of activity, we hit the ON SWITCH for cancers and disease.

Circadian biology is the archetypal gene vs. environment interaction. Transcriptional/translational feedback to your genes coordinates with your biological clock.

Could it be possible to change the destiny of your genetics by honoring your biorhythms?

Your Genetics Are NOT Your Destiny

In functional medicine, we say, “your genes may be your PROPENSITY, but they are not your destiny. The environment surrounding your genes has everything to do with your health.

Your environment has more to do with your chances for health or disease than do your genetics.

Honoring the biorhythms and timing for light, food, and sleep and managing stress- will benefit you in so many ways to find the amplified health you deserve NOW.

The Healing Power of Full-Spectrum Light

My program, the LIGHT-DIET RESET METHOD, works to optimize all Zeitbeger’s function by using a foundational diet known to optimize human biology. It is called theThe Methylation Diet. [2]

In short, methylation controls your genetic expression. It determines whether a particular gene is turned on or off. The process of methylation ultimately regulates every gene of every cell.

I combine perfect meal timing and what I call “LIGHT RESETS” that are simple to implement. We need to absorb all colors of the light spectrum for health. The sun is the best source.

Food is information in the form of light. The methylation diet provides foods with the highest light value. Eating at the right times and NOT eating out of sync is the foundation of my method.

Just 14 to 30 days on my reset method will leave you feeling great, sleeping well, losing weight, detoxifying, & enjoying buoyant energy.  You may also begin creating new brain cells, new mitochondria – cells that make energy for you, and immune cells regenerate.

A Hopeful Solution for Metabolic Disease

Interestingly, with metabolic disease continually rising, science and medicine seek new ways to manage this epidemic.

Typically, modification of diet and exercise become the first strategies given to someone who is metabolically unwell. Oftentimes, it is drugs.

We have control over diet or exercise but often think we don’t have control over our genes. But what if you were able to alter your genes’ EXPRESSION by merely working to align your biorhythms?

In a recent issue of Current Biology, Wehrens et al [3]

“Central and peripheral clocks are manipulatable by meal timing. Melatonin rhythms are the “gold standard” used to assess the circadian cycle in humans.”

In humans, Kräuchi et al. [4] examined the effects of a single, carbohydrate-rich meal on daily rhythms. This study showed that a LARGE morning meal increases body temperature and increases heart rate. As a result, you burn more calories.

What these studies prove is that you can burn MORE calories by eating just after the sun rises and eat every 5 hours until sundown. 

The observations in this study additionally suggested that meal patterns can potentially “uncouple central and peripheral rhythms.”

In other words – there is less likely to be a misalignment of light cycle rhythms between brain and body if we eat during optimal times.

The Light-Diet Reset Method For Metabolic Health

We see that fluctuations of light are crucial to optimal functioning of all body systems and organs.

When you are ready to get serious about your health and your weight, why not try the Light-Diet Reset Method?

Your reset is done on your schedule. Simply watch a few video’s each week and begin implementing the simple strategies until they become habits.

In conclusion, you can reset your body, mind, and sprit to be leaner, sharper mentally, full of energy, and more emotionally even keel.

Step into the LIGHT!