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Your magnificent mitochondria are the solution to unleashing limitless energy. And, it is simpler than you think. If you seek to solve your energy crisis, a few simple concepts should do the trick, but first, have you ever heard of mitochondria? Not exactly dinner table conversation, right?

Could you pass the butter and oh-by-the-way; what have you done for your mitochondria today? Mitochondria are not yet a household name.

Perhaps soon, we will be chatting with friends about how we enhance our mitochondria in the same way we talk about what workouts we are doing for our best fitness.

And thus, it’s an excellent time to discuss what exactly is at the heart of mitochondrial function and why it is integral to our health and longevity.

Where Your Energy Crisis Begins

You start your day jumping in the shower, grabbing breakfast, and heading off to work. On the way, you may stop for a cup of coffee. Grande, of course! So, by mid-morning, most feel that they need just a little “pick me up” in the form of a sweet snack.

In other words, now blood sugar has bottomed out. Therefore, for those whose jobs demand that they keep a feverish pace, you may even grab an energy drink or a soda.  A quick” bite.”  But, unfortunately, that is where it all goes downhill.

In other words, now blood sugar has bottomed out. Therefore, for those whose jobs demand that they keep a feverish pace, you may even grab an energy drink or a soda.  A quick” bite.”  But, unfortunately, that is where it all goes downhill.

Of course, then there are these tiny little mitochondria so desperately trying to tell you something.

Mitochondria and Energy Production

Poor, deficient little mitochondria. Understandably, they want to eat too. Furthermore, these little energy-producing factories are feverishly trying to gather the raw materials to produce endogenous (made inside the body) energy.
But alas, you have provided very little to none.

Why? Because you have given these little powerhouses nothing more than sugar, caffeine, and stimulants. So, as a result, you suffer from feelings of fatigue and run down. Ultimately, you begin seeking the next energy fix. You see, energy making is poorly understood by so many of us. Your energy crisis is not born of a deficiency of caffeine and sugar.

mitochondria support
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Looking For Energy (in all the wrong places)

Low energy is arguably the most common complaint from my clients. Fatigue is just the first sign that your mitochondria are hungry.

Once the process begins of sugar and caffeine, and caffeine and sugar, our adrenals and nervous system burn out. So, what do we do? Reach for more caffeine, sugar and, energy drinks in a vicious cycle that leaves us feeling burned out and stressed out. Why? Because pure, lasting energy evades us.

Could we be looking for energy in all the wrong places? What makes these little dynamos tick, and how do we harness the power they can produce? Could understanding what slows down their frenetic energy-making pace be the answer? Above all, could we prevent our energy crisis in the first place?

It seems that eating more FAT produces MORE energy than you would make by eating carbohydrates – About 35 % more!


A Tale of TWO Organelles

“Mitochondria and chloroplasts are two organelles that have striking similarities to bacterial cells. They have their DNA, which is separate from the DNA found in the nucleus of our cells. Interestingly, bacteria are the same in the sense that they also have their own DNA.

And both organelles use their DNA to produce many proteins and enzymes required for their function according to  Understandably, of course, if they have the raw materials to do so.

Science shows that mitochondria once lived in the ocean—separate organisms from our human form. Similarly, as bacteria live inside a human host, mitochondria have merged with our human cells. As a result, we came to have a symbiotic relationship with them.   Interestingly, they somehow, over the evolutionary process, became PART OF US.  

When they cease to exist, so do we.  Mitochondria dysfunction is at the heart of all significant diseases today.  Take, for example, MS – Multiple Sclerosis.

THIS Doctor Beats MS and Her Energy Crisis

What do you do when you are a physician but cannot find a cure in medicine? Perhaps you experiment with that which may not be mainstream. Therefore, determined to find a cure, Dr. Terry Wahls”s did what many do. She radically changed her diet.

As a result, a diet was then devised as a special regimen to address the deficiencies we all face with our mitochondria – lack of raw materials.

Dr. Wahls repaired her damaged mitochondria and reversed her symptoms so dramatically; her protocol is now used by many who suffer autoimmune conditions of all sorts.

You see, a mitochondrial deficiency is at the heart of most diseases that affect muscles and strength or energy and fatigue.

Watch the TED talk here With Dr. Terry Wahls

Electrons Feed Your Mitochondria

So, even our own energy crisis stems from not taking care of these little guys. However, she did not embrace a vegan diet, as you might assume. It seems that she learned how difficult it was to feed her mitochondria on a vegan diet alone.

The raw materials needed in quantity needed had to come from animal sources. Sources that were plentiful in L-carnitine and creatine, which are both vital for supplying energy to mitochondria

Feeding the Machine

Mitochondria derive their “raw materials” from carbohydrate, protein, and fatty acids. Secondly, those macros will convert these into ATP (energy) via a process that is known as “oxidative phosphorylation.” The mighty mitochondria convert glucose to a substrate called pyruvate.

Pyruvate gets oxidized into CO2 via the citric acid cycle. Oxidation of fatty acids yields a substance named acetyl CO A. ultimately; it is this pathway at the center of oxidative metabolism. You may know it as the KREBS CYCLE.

Foods known to produce the most energy include seaweed, egg yolks, sardines, mackerel and cod to feed the mitochondria in your brain. MCT’s or “medium chain triglycerides are valued because their action is swift – quickly producing energy your brain can use.

You Are Only as Healthy as Your Mitochondria

Dr. Maria also claims that eating the wrong food causes serious damage.

Dr. Wahls learned this the hard way.

“Damage to the mitochondria can be the result of eating foods that encourage generalized inflammation and pain.

This damage increases your risk of developing diabetes and various neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s

disease (PD), Alzheimer’s disease (AD), multiple sclerosis (MS), and Lou Gehrig’s disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

or ALS).”

Rediscover Your Native Fuel – YOUR FAT

As we seek to discover what “makes us tick,” we need to go back to the barest of basics. Ketones are the native fuel you produce when your body burns fat. This ideal fuel source what you used in your mother’s womb. If you have ever been on a ketogenic diet or low carb long enough, you might have noticed almost superhuman energy and sharp cognition.

When it comes to ketones, you can make them and also take them. This COMPANY found a way to create a drinkable supplement that brings good and increases mental sharpness in under an hour.

Comprehensive and continued scientific research was the foundation was the basis for the creation of this product. Or, you can do it the old fashioned way-burn your own fat.

Many people today still fear fats. SEE WHAT I DID Too many people still don’t trust saturated fat and therefore, miss out on the energy they seek from short lived solutions like sugar and caffeine.

While the ketogenic diet is often considered a fad, this is our ancestors’ diet. I have experimented with and continue to follow a super low carb diet and sing its praise. SEE MY STORY HERE. about how FAT saved me.

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The Krebs Cycle-Where The Magic Happens

Sulfur would be at the top of the list of critical compounds for mitochondrial health. An end-product in this cycle that is worth mentioning is something called NADH.

NADH is scarce in those with mitochondrial disorders. And, in some with autoimmune challenges.  The benefits of NADH are on the lips of scientists as we speak.

Supporting Your Energy Making Machinery

Dr. Susanne Bennett’s ebook “Mighty Mito” offers a few tips to support your energy making factory so you will have an abundance of energy to live life to its fullest.

  • Magnesium –Magnesium is linked to over 400 reactions in the human body and has been linked to the reduction of mitochondrial DNA mutation.
  • Carnitine – Carnitine helps transport functional lipids (fatty acids) to the mitochondria. It contributes to metabolic support and may also help remove toxins. You can also find carnitine naturally in red mead.
  • D-Ribose – A vital function of Ribose is to boost muscle strength. Marked improvement in symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome in studies.
  • Omega 3s fatty acids – Helps to build up your mitochondrial membranes.
  • Liposomal Vitamin C (studies have shown protection to oxidative stress).
  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Co Q 10 is a cofactor/ antioxidant.  Additionally, Co Q 10 is studied for its ability to reduce mitochondrial DNA mutations that contribute to degenerative diseases and aging!

Soon, minding our mitochondria will become as much of a ritual as brushing your teeth or showering, and you will revel in all your newfound energy.