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Reset your circadian rhythms – your body’s internal clock, and watch your health improve. These 24-hour cycles are pretty hardwired in human biology and very sensitive to outside influence.

The study of circadian rhythms and your body is called “Chronobiology.” Two compelling influences to your biorhythms are morning sun, sunset sun, and evening starlight. So, let’s start at the beginning…

And, then there was light! We understand this to be the start of it all. Light signaled the beginning of creation.

Since the dawn of creation, there is light, and there is night. Notice, I did not say darkness. Even at night, it is not dark. The universe fills with light from the stars and galaxies in our vast universe.

Our universe is full of light, but we are not taking full advantage of it. We no longer sleep under the stars. Sadly, many people drive to work in complete darkness and journey home after the sun has set.

Artificial light is the bane of human existence. Could you reset your body to its factory setting by honoring the circadian rhythms that govern your bodily processes?

Light to Reset Circadian Rhythms

If it were not for daylight savings time, there would be very little sunlight available for the working world. Humans are interwoven particles of the universe’s fabric and, thus, also beings of light. Our cells communicate with light. Biophotons are packets of light emitted by the human body. We need light like we need air.

While It is easy to prove that oxygen deprivation negatively affects your biology, very little self-care practices focus on how the loss of full-spectrum light affects us. Could this be the missing link to genuinely optimal health.

We have come so far from where we initiated. We come from light. Imagine a fish out of water. How long does a fish have to go without water before he becomes ill and dies? The difference between this fish and us is that the fish knows it needs the water

. We have not yet consciously realized the importance of light on our circadian rhythm cycle and the downstream effect when deficient.

Circadian Rhythms and Darkness

As we begin to lose light, we begin feeling tired. Loss of energy is the first sign of breakdown in circadian rhythms. .But, why isn’t anyone looking at the obvious? Because sometimes you can’t see the obvious. We humans tend to look for more complicated reasons for less than optimal health.

I don’t ever recall leaving the doctor’s office with a prescription for more LIGHT. There is one exception. If you heard you need more vitamin D, you are essentially light deficient. Without your daily dose of sunlight, you can expect decreased immunity, more pain, and even a low mood.

As important as light is, equally as important is darkness. Binge watching has become quite a sport. I get it…I have gotten caught up in that myself at times. Right next to my seat is a nice pair of UVEX blue blocking glasses. It’s such a simple reset to block excess blue light after sunset.

Block out the blue light spectrum at night and you will sleep more soundly. Certain colors of the light spectrum disrupt cellular communication and have negative epigenetic influence.

Are You Losing Light?

We might be missing an integral step for cellular health. In other words, how our cells communicate with one another. When we lose some of our light, we begin to feel a breakdown in our physical body and our emotional body.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is well understood. The sharp deterioration in mood and energy, and an increase in aches and pains -tie to winter’s shorter days. A typical solution is a vacation to a warm climate or bask in full-spectrum lighting. But, we are not connecting the dots with other conditions.

When you think about health and wellness, most would claim that “all reactions are biochemical,” and health and healing only come when the biochemistry is manipulated and managed with chemicals or medications.   So, what drives your biochemistry? – Light!

A great quote from Dr. Bruce Lipton:  “For better health, one does not need to be a chemist, but rather an electrician.

Putting The Pieces Together

As a 33-year veteran in medicine, health & wellness, mindset coaching, energy medicine, and sound healing, a constant thread weaves through all aspects of health. Energy, light, frequency, and vibration are the primary drivers of health, behavior change, mindset, and weight loss. In fact, understanding light is a foundations of energy medicine.

When I began coaching health and wellness with principles of light and energy, a few things happened. I realized that everything that I learned about nutrition, stress reduction, human movement, therapeutics, and changing beliefs and mindset had their roots in light and energy. Even food is information.

Having personal success with paleo and keto diets, I burned a hole in my brain trying to find the common thread. However, it was beginning to emerge. When I became certified in functional medicine, I learned a particular way to eat to boost methylation- a vital cycle to provide much needed electrons to help make your cells work.

Test results with my doctor had revealed I had MTHFR. MTHFR is a little glitch in a gene that causes a misstep in the cycle that helps us make glutathione, detoxify, make and repair RNA and DNA, help form neurotransmitters, and prevent congenital disabilities. In other words, I had a miscommunication among my genes. It’s something that 60% of us share.

mitochondria support
The Light-Diet Reset Method to optimize mitochondrial function and find vibrant health!

I created this method so you can use your own biorhythms to find your best health and your healthiest weight.

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Circadian Rhythm “Miscommunication”

Technically this is a form of miscommunication from an epigenetic perspective. Would there be a way to make cellular communication clearer? Could methylation support be the missing link? I would come to learn that what drives the behavior of our DNA is none other than light.

As I perused the methylation diet guidelines-and followed them, the truth began to emerge. READ HOW FAT SAVED ME HERE All of these diets’ methods included animal protein. Since I am not “the creator,” I cannot justify why this is so.  All I can tell you is that is how we are designed requires nutrient only found in these sources.

Light Is Information and Information Is Light

We truly do thrive on light. Note the synchronicities below:

  • Electrons from foods we eat = light and energy. Grounding- electrons from the ground = energy movement upward. (Grounding allows information to flow through you)
  • Star light/sunlight – radiant energy and light from above to ground. (A natural source of energy and information)
  • Full-color spectrum light in our eyes and on our skin.-Think Vitamin D synthesis and gut brain communication.
  • Keeping current moving and avoiding interference fields. Interference fields are scars, amalgams, crowns, cavitation, and implants. All of these block the flow of light (energy).
  • Emotional energy may block any of the seven major energy centers. YES, emotions. Negative emotions dim our light.
  • Keeping thoughts and feelings high and positive keeps energy flowing.
  • Moving energy with feelings to self-regulate emotionally & align our subtle energies.

In the diagram below, the emotions in the red, orange, and yellow deplete energy. Green is at your heart. EnLIGHTenment occurs at the level of heart.

Light and Consciousness

What began to emerge was that certain foods provided electrons that fuel our mitochondria.  When our mitochondria malfunction, they cannot create the energy you need to maintain and create healthy cells. In other words, so goes our life force. No electrons, no light.  No light, no life.

Health = A State of Order, Coherence, and Flow

Are we willing to put future generations at risk because we are unaware of our own biology? Or worse, put our devices and gadgets ahead of honoring circadian biology and biorhythms?

A quote from… “Almost 25 million adults have been taking antidepressants for at least two years, a 60% increase since 2010. Moreover, approximately 15.5 million individuals have been taking the drugs for at least five years, nearly doubling the rate since 2010. 

What people don’t need is more drugs. So, what do they need? MORE LIGHT!

The spectrum of rainbow colors in your food ties directly to the frequency of light in that food. Each color has different information you call antioxidants. Antioxidants do what they do because they are ELECTRON donors. Water and minerals transport the energy all over your body.

Structuring water promotes enhanced cellular communication

Structured water is the best water for you to drink. While there are several ways to make the water, most are laborious and cumbersome. I use a TENSOR RING for under $30. EZ Water is another name for structured water. YOU MAY USE MY CODE = AMPLIFY to receive a discount on your order.

The Light- Diet Reset- You Circadian Rhythm Regulator

The Light-Diet Reset Method uses food that help you unleash energy. Using this cell-nourishing diet as a base has a power all it’s own. The next step is a daily practice of increasing light.

Just a daily ritual of sunlight in our eye in the morning, moonlight and starlight at night, grounding, breath awareness, and emotional self-regulation… we fuel our battery packs. 

Muscles are battery packs. Fascia is a fiberoptic superhighway that runs off piezoelectricity faster than the speed of light.

Circadian biology is at the heart of any good program to reset and amplify health. I have provided several simple, free or inexpensive resets you can add to your daily routine. The Light-Diet Reset Method is a simple self-study guide to optimize your health and weight loss efforts.

Creating the order, coherence and flow needed for health takes a few simple daily practices.

Your life begins to start going in a better direction.  Jobs and money flow more effortlessly. The world is your oyster.  There is no better time to shine than now. Go with your flow and shine brightly.

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