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Optimal health is desired by all and attained by few. When you hear the words “optimal health,” what comes to your mind? For me, it was to live in a pain-free body, have a sharp mind, and to spare myself any more pain and suffering than I already had experienced. So, That’s not too much to ask, right?

Of course, I was seeking many things that every human deserves to have as their birthright. Health. After all, we cannot do our best when we cannot our best. Why is optimal health so challenging to achieve?

Far too many people encapsulate themselves in the bubble of their miserable existence. I was someone who suffered pain and fatigue that had me question if I would be able to live that way long-term.

In fact, wanting to crawl into a hole and stew in my misery was a feeling I had most days.

Many take their health for granted. I just wanted to feel human for a change. Optimal health was not even an option I could rationalize.

I heard that so much of what I sought was within my power to change. And, I would not stop until I could unlock the secrets to optimal health. Of course, I would have been satisfied with good health.

Optimal is BETTER than Good

When striving for optimal health, we all have thoughts and feelings about our choices. While some are positive, some are not. We commit to a strategy we feel best suits our needs based on how we feel about ourselves NOW. However, needs are not all to consider. Contemplation begins as to how it will affect our lifestyle. Would we always have to be stringent? How would this affect our social lives?

Consistency falls by the wayside.

The discussion gets incredible delicate when the mention of giving up junky carbs, sugars, and processed foods – despite strong evidence that certain foods play a role in the downfall of health. As such, many tell themselves certain foods or practices are not harming their health.

It seems when we are truly addicted to something when we panic, just thinking about losing it. I see this continually in my coaching practice. Is there anybody out there willing to go without air for a few hours? I think not. It is almost unthinkable.

The Action Stage – Where the Rubber Meets the Road

For the health-conscious and those motivated to make changes, we send ourselves down the path of choices and have faith that the light at the end of the tunnel is as bright as we imagine. We have weighed the pros and cons and we set a date at which to begin our life of abstinence, reform, or change.

I have been led down many paths only to find the same darkness once reaching the end. Since I keep a finger on the pulse of science and I can smell B.S. a mile away. So, as my biology and bioenergy logic converge, and I usually find the truth. Sometimes, great truths.

For me personally, if something is working I will continue to do it. Even if it causes restriction. For others, the feelings of restriction never allow them to stay the course.

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Our Biggest Challenge to Finding Optimal Health

Modern-day life holds some pretty amazing things to experience for our primitively-wired beings. Imagine, we have gone from the invention of the light bulb to all this. And, in a relatively short period of time. Except, IT IS ALL THIS…that keeps us from that which we seek.

If you don’t think that is a shock to your biological clock, then allow me to pick the rock you are stuck under, lovingly dust you off, and send you down the right path. That is my job.

You see, something as simple as turning off the television a bit earlier or putting our phones on airplane mode can make a big difference in the land of the unseen. Dangerous EMF radiation is all around us. The name of the game now is PROTECTION. With record numbers of satellites orbiting the globe, escape is simply not possible. You can thank SpaceX for that.

However, with just a few simple lifestyle changes, the idea of you reaching YOUR optimal health potential will be so close you can smell and taste it. We all try to manipulate our health with food and exercise, but we have it all wrong according to Dr. Jack Kruse, A Neuroscientist., I must agree.

HOW TO BEAT AGING  Check out Dr. Kruse’s “QUILT.”

A Blogger Worth His Salt

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

― Aldous Huxley, Complete Essays, Vol. II: 1926-1929

His book “The Epi-Paleo Rx is a mind-blower. No, it’s not a love story or another sequel to FIFTY SHADES. Sadly, most people will never get the education they need to live life at a more quantum level. For this reason, they may never be successful at “unlocking optimal.” Priorities, priorities, priorities.

As much of a geek as I am, even I must digest his content in small pieces to make sure I assimilate it wholly AND correctly. Please make no mistake; his work is Quantum Biology at its best. Most humans want to believe finding optimal health means making a salad with kale, drinking green smoothies, and taking a probiotic.

As a health coach, I must open my mind to things that others may comfortably ignore. What is the missing link that takes us from human “doings” to human BEINGS?

Optimal Light Means Optimal Cell Signaling

It is light that begins the signals of hunger and appetite and a cascade of interconnected signals created by light, water, and energy. All of this happens without your conscious awareness. THE WAY YOU LIVE is providing a decoded message to your DNA behind your back

What you experience outwardly is the end result of the message. There are more important things that even exercise to optimizing our biology. Vegetarianism or veganism is not the complete panacea for “unlocking optimal health” either. Neither is celery juice.

We can no longer ignore the fact that we are an ENERGY FIRST. The typical outside-in approach is seriously failing us. Health and wellbeing come mainly from the inside out. In other words, supplements, drugs, creams, lotions, and potions do nothing to to help us thrive.

Negative emotions will hinder your chances for optimal. Lightness of being increases it.

What Doctors Should Prescribe for Optimal Health

When a person seeks medical care for high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, or any other condition not life-threatening, for example, the Doctor should say:

First and foremost – GET GROUNDED! Energy flows up from the ground and down from the sun. We all understand the importance of the sun. Another great question would be, ” what time do you go to bed or, if up late, are you blocking blue light?.

Here is another novel idea. Eat whole foods and don’t microwave your live food rendering it useless. Meditate every day and make sure you speak your truth. Consider getting more sunlight on your skin. Drink better quality water.

Know that there is power in seafood. I refer to the power of EPA and DHA. To do this right, skip the capsules. Eat your seafood and get light in your retina every morning. That is how our ancestors did it back in the day.

Like I said – SIMPLE.

Optimal Health Basics

These few tips are good beginner tips to start practicing. NOTE: There is not one suggestion about diet yet.

  • Practice gratitude
  • Get light in your eyes and on your skin every day
  • Minimize artificial lighting and use EMF protection devices.
  • Avoid sugar from MOST ANY source.
  •  Feet on the ground every day
  • 20 minutes under a full spectrum light

These tips would be just for starters. How about offering strategies to help our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system responses. “Hum twice daily for ten minutes and all me in the morning.”

Why is there no real education done with patients to teach them there is a system that, when optimized, will bring newfound health? It’s called your GUT. Wow, now that is a novel idea.

In 8 to 12 years of education, you mean to say that the best my doctor could to what to tell me to take a GAS-X. I know they get plenty of information, but WHOSE information are they getting?

More Transformative Health Prescriptions Doctors Should Encourage

  • Recommend periods of intermittent fasting and ways to reduce insulin surges
  • Suggest ways to  remove of as many chemicals from your environment as possible.
  • Teach you how calm your nervous system
  • Explain why NOT to take worthless supplements
  • Not GIVE YOU INJECTIONS of worthless B12 (much of it is in the inferior form)
  • Only eat while sitting and share mealtime with others.
  • RX Acupuncture, Reiki, or meditation.
  • How to optimize methylation which drives most all major body processes.
  • Digestive enzymes BEFORE antacids
  • and FATS, FAST, FATS.

Optimal health occurs when we go back to what the creator gave us and cease to plug away trying to find something that is your birthright. You already have everything you need.