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supplement pulsing and nutrients



Have you heard of supplement pulsing

Pulsing supplements entails all about listening to your body and the signs it’s giving you. It means taking a supplement when you notice deficiencies or if you feel a benefit from it. If you feel well or eat very well, you may not need to take that supplement on that particular day.

If a supplement has been working wonders and you start to feel better…that’s great! And it’s also a pretty clear sign that your body is benefiting from it. Once you hit your nutrient-sufficient level, it might be time to stop taking it until you notice signs of deficiency again.

Everyone is different, so the amount one person takes could be different than what the next person needs. Again, the key is to listen to your body and its symptoms.
Do you know someone who takes handfuls of supplements each day? No matter how hard they try, they find it hard to stop. A little voice inside their head always worries about deficiencies. Or, out of sheer paranoia they take every supplement the gurus say they MUST take.

Do you know a supplement addict?

These are the very same people who have never tested to see if they were deficient in the first place. I want to point out some of the benefits of supplement rotation.
Some call this “supplement pulsing.” Many now believe that the daily use of herbs or
supplements can reduce their effectiveness over time.

Supplements are a support system, not a lifeline. We use them to support or restore our bodies to a more optimal state — the needs of our body change over time. Our body is fantastic at adaptation. Similar to needing a new exercise routine or different foods; supplement needs change.

There will be times that more of something is needed. Sometimes you may not need them at all — a perfect example taking probiotics before you know what your body needs. We can customize our entire healthy routine. We need to use the tools that help us gauge our progress.

Supplements are only beneficial IF we need them.

Dr. Ben Lynch said this: “‘Certain nutrients might need to taking daily.
Common examples include prenatal vitamins, multivitamins, or omega-3 supplements like fish oil or krill oil.

These nutrients are often needed each day because they aren’t available in many foods in the amounts required to optimize the body.

.* Always seek the advice of your health care provider.”

To learn more about supplement pulsing, check out this article by
Seeking Health’s Dr. Ben Lynch.

Supplemental Pulsing: How, Why, and When This article also includes a graphic.

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